"Les Enfants des Toits du Monde" ASSOCIATION

The aim of this association is to open up education, health and information to children and their families from underprivileged countries/regions, with the objective of bringing them to be autonomous and integrated into their societies.

Its president is the photographer Mario Colonel and also includes in the office, Bertrand Delapierre, a renowned mountain director.

If you wish to support the association, there are different ways. You can become a member, or make a donation (more info at the bottom of the page).

We also offer for sale the dvd of the film "Dolma la petite Khampa" (20 euros), and portraits of this same girl, in different formats (see in the shop). All profits are donated to the association. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.


The movie, "Dolma la petite Khampa"


52-minute documentary, co-produced by the travel channel Ushuaïa TV. (French version only)

During a trip to Tibet, Mario Colonel photographs a child with a rebellious and mysterious look. Back home in Chamonix, he will realise that this portrait will exert a real fascination on all those who see it. Inhabited by this image, four years later, he decides to go in search of her. From monastery to nomadic camps, through the mountains, he takes us to a completely new Tibet. The still hazardous quest becomes an ode to this area still not very touristy. After two journeys, he will finally find this mysterious child. He finally realizes that this quest through this region of the Khan, located in the west of China, will also be a true initiatory journey, on the paths of humanity...

Discover the teaser of the film by clicking on the link below :

discover the teaser of the film (french)

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To join the association, or to make a donation

Cheques accepted, payable to "Les enfants des toits du monde".
to be sent to :

Les enfants des toits du monde
185 rue de la Planchette
74310 Servoz

Contact : Galerie Mario Colonel — 19 rue Whymper 74400 Chamonix — 04 50 91 40 20 —